Field Trip Practicums

Zuni-Banderas Volcanic Fieldtrip, Fall 2019

Northern Arizona, Fall 2023 (PDF)

Hawaii, Spring 2023 (PDF)

Cancelled due to COVID-19, but field guide for Northern Arizona exists, Fall 2022 (PDF)

Mojave Desert, Spring 2022 (PDF)

Chiricahuas, Fall 2021 (PDF)

Cancelled due to COVID-19, Spring 2021

Cancelled due to COVID-19, Fall 2020

Cancelled due to COVID-19, Spring 2020

Zuni-Banderas Volcanic Field, Fall 2019 (PDF)

White Sands, Spring 2019 (PDF)

Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Canyon de Chelly, Fall 2018 (PDF)

Death Valley, Spring 2018 (PDF)

Page, Arizona, Fall 2017 (PDF)

Bryce and Zion National Parks, Spring 2017 (PDF)

Chiricahuas and San Bernardino Valley, Spring 2016 (PDF)

Salton Sea, Fall 2015 (PDF)

Canyonlands & Southern Utah, Spring 2015 (PDF)

Southern New Mexico, Fall 2014 (PDF)

Hawaii, Spring 2014 (PDF)

Northern New Mexico and the K-T Boundary, Fall 2013 (PDF)

Mojave Desert, Spring 2013 (PDF)

Circum-Tucson, Fall 2012 (PDF)

Death Valley, Spring 2012 (PDF)

Canyon de Chelly, Painted Desert, Fall 2011 (PDF)

Salton Sea and Pacific Coast, Spring 2011 (PDF)

Canyonlands, Fall 2010 (PDF)

Southern New Mexico, Spring 2010 (PDF)

Chiricahua Mountains, Volcanoes of San Bernardino Valley, and Willcox Playa, Fall 2009 (PDF)

Mojave Desert, Spring, 2009 (PDF)

Arizona and Western New Mexico, Fall 2008 (PDF)

Southern California, Spring 2008 (PDF)

Southern New Mexico, Fall 2007 (PDF)

Canyon De Chelly, Spring 2007 (PDF)

Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado (K-T Boundary), Fall 2006 (PDF)

Death Valley, California, Spring 2006 (PDF)

Baja, California, Fall 2005 (PDF)

Sentinel – Arlington Volcanic Field and Gila Graben, Spring 2005 (PDF)

Canyonlands, 2nd Edition, Fall 2004 (PDF)

West Texas: Kilbourne Hole, Sierra Madera and Odessa Crater Complex, Spring 2004 (PDF)

White Mountains and Canyon de Chelly, Fall 2003 (PDF)

Chiricahua Mountains, Spring 2003 (PDF)

Washington: A Planetary Analogue in Flood Basalts and Flood Channels, Fall 2002 (PDF)

Beach Processes Planetary Field Geology Practicum, Spring 2002 (PDF)

Pinacate Mountains, Fall 2001 (PDF)

San Francisco Volcanic Field Trip, Fall 2001 (PDF)

Death Valley, Fall 2000 (PDF)

Southern New Mexico, Spring 2001 (PDF)

Colorado and New Mexico (K/T Boundary), Spring 2000 (PDF)

Havasu Canyon, Fall 1999 (PDF)

Canyonlands, Spring 1999 (PDF)

Canyon de Chelly, Fall 1998 (PDF)

Viaje a Baja (Mexico), Spring 1998 (PDF)

Yellowstone! A Trip to Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, Fall 1997 (PDF)

White Sands And Black Caverns in Southern New Mexico, Spring 1997 (PDF)

1996-F DNE

White Mountains, Arizona, Spring 1996 (PDF)

Nevada Test Site, Fall 1995 (PDF)

Arizona, Spring 1995 (PDF)

Southern California, Fall 1994 (PDF)

Colorado Plateau – Grand Canyon, Spring 1994 (PDF)

Arizona, Fall 1993 (PDF)

Tucson, Yuma, Sentinal Volcanic Field, Spring 1993 (PDF)

White Sands, New Mexico, 1992 (PDF)

Salt River Canyon, Petrified Forest, and Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, Spring 1992 (PDF)