Rectified Lunar Atlas

RECTIFIED LUNAR ATLAS : SUPPLEMENT NO. 2 TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC LUNAR ATLAS / E. A Whitaker, G. P. Kuiper, W. K. Hartmann, and L. H. Spradley. – Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 1963. Bound volume 19”x15” with blue covers as No. 3 of the “Contributions (formerly named Publications) of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.” Scale: 1:3,500,000 approximately. The purpose of the atlas was to present high-quality photographs of the lunar surface as it would appear from above. They did this by projecting a lunar image onto a hemisphere and then re-photographing it from a constant distance. The technique removes foreshortening. Craters near the limb, which appear elliptical in shape on normal photographs, become nearly circular in the rectified photographs. Located: QB595 .R43 1963 LPL Library—MAP/OVERSIZE ATLAS QB595 .R44 1963 Space Imagery Center—ATLAS QB595 .A73 no. 3 Science & Engineering Library--SUPER FOLIO QB595 .A73 no. 3 Special Collections Library--ELEPHANT OVERSIZE

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