Consolidated Lunar Atlas

CONSOLIDATED LUNAR ATLAS : SUPPLEMENT NO. 3 and 4 to the PHOTOGRAPHIC LUNAR ATLAS / G. P. Kuiper, E. A. Whitaker, R. G. Strom, J. W. Fountain, and S. M. Larson. – Tucson : University of Arizona Press, 1967. In box 12”x14”x4” of 225 prints on glossy photographic paper. Average scale: 1:2,400,000 (Moon about 57” diameter). Images for the atlas were taken with the 61-inch telescope located on Mount Bigelow in the Catalina Mountains. The atlas was a remake of the "Photographic Lunar Atlas," but the resolution was much higher because of improvements in telescopes and photography Located: QB595 .C66 1967 LPL Library—MAP/OVERSIZE ATLAS QB595 .C66 1967 Consolidated Lunar Atlas online.